Objects of Care

The state of our nervous system shapes the world around us. When we are activated or in fight or flight, our vibration activates the nervous systems of those around us. When we perpetually exist in the sympathetic nervous system, someone or something is always the enemy.

These objects are designed to soothe the nervous system and in turn our new found feelings of safety allow those around us to feel at ease too.

I made this project at a time when I was paralyzed with climate anxiety, feeling alone and untethered, attempting to settle in a new city while feeling inconsolably disconnected from the earth. Making these objects was my of grounding in my body and grieving my disconnection from everything that felt alive.

The vest and eye mask double as eco-therapy objects and climate protest gear... in attempts to rewild internal and external worlds.

(made from moss, scaffolding netting, and stones found in London)