about me

I'm an artist living and working in the UK, pursuing a Masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins.
        Before I let myself be an artist, I was a freelance art director working in New York. Before that, I was a graphic designer at Mara Hoffman. Before that, I started an upcycled clothing brand in San Francisco. Before that, I studied fine art and film at Vanderbilt University.

about my work

The medium I use is based on the specific idea I’m exploring. While the medium continues to vary, my interest in transformation calls me to mediums that capture change and evolution (including my own physical body, film, and interactive sculpture and installation).
        I’m interested in mundane acts and objects becoming surreal and meditative. With a background as an energy worker and designer, I’m interested in the ways human consciousness and late capitalism interact. I’m critical of the ways technology has created the illusion of connection, while perpetuating a disconnection from the self, the earth, and our inner most ways of knowing.
        I use objects of consumer culture to draw attention to the ways the material world we’ve created holds power over us. In addressing these objects, my intention is to explore themes of personal freedom. My work is the line I draw (sometimes literally), connecting the internal, energetic, and earthly worlds.



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