about me

I'm an interdisciplinary artist living and working in London, pursuing a Masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. I previously studied fine art and film at Vanderbilt University. 
    I have an inherent interest in the esoteric and implicit. I live and work from an intuitive place, allowing my interest in conciousness, somatics, spirituality, and nature to inform and guide my creative practice. 

about my work

My work is an exploration of the material world and the energy that we bring to it — how we form it and interact with it, how we shape it as it shapes us.
    My own feelings of disembodiment that have come from feeling disconnected from nature have opened me to the body’s inherent relationship to place — that our own physical environments play a role in the creation of our own internal landscape.
    I believe that by physically changing the way we move through a space, or engage with an object, we may begin to rewild our internal world, and subsequently begin to repair our relationship with nature (and each other).


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