is a work of art in and of itself — constantly transforming, morphing, growing, with no defined boarders or edges. It exists in no one place, but anywhere and everywhere.

A production company founded by Ashlin Dolan, Discourse is designed to serve the artist throughout their life cycle and in turn, it’s mission is to serve the collective. Discourse produces and curates exhibitions, artist retreats, and special projects. 

Discourse aims to rethink, explore, and expand the role of “The Artist” in our modern world [a post-COVID world]. We see the artist as the life-force that harmonizes, synthesizes, and creates common ground — transmuting injustice into justice whenever and wherever possible. We start dialogues and take action. We’re not beholden to white-wall galleries and residency programs. We take pride in the way we experience, create, and share. In spreading truth and beauty through art made accessible to everyone, we aim to make the world a more inclusive, harmonious space. That is the role of the artist.


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